Start a Nascar Pool

This is the first part of the Nascar Pool Help series.

The first step in getting a fantasy Nascar league up and running, is deciding you want to manage one.  Office pools for any sport can be a lot of fun, if promoted and managed properly, and we want to help you make your Nascar pool be successful as possible.  
Before jumping head-long into being the commissioner of your very own Nascar pool, you’ll need to make sure you meet some basic criteria.  First off, and this should go without saying, you need to be a Nascar fan.  A decent group of friends and associates that share your love of the sport will also be key in getting your league off of the ground.  You’ll also need to possess decent organization skills, and be trust-worthy.  You’ll most likely be dealing with holding on to a decent amount of other people’s hard earned money, so being transparent and making sure everything is above board and accounted for is of utmost importance. 
As I mentioned earlier, a group of Nascar fans is important in getting your pool started.  Whether it’s a group of friends that like to get together to watch the big races of the season, or a bunch of co-workers looking to add a little competition to the ‘water-cooler’ discussion, a good base of interested participants will be vital in starting and growing your league.  Here at Nascar Pools Online, we also have pools organized by bars, websites and garages.  They can be a great way to draw some attention to your business, whether online or the traditional brick and mortar type. 
Keep in mind, that no matter the size of your league, whether you keep track of everything on paper or use a website like Nascar Pools Online, there will be some amount of work required.  Depending on the style of pool you manage, how you decide to keep track of results, and how you’re tracking payments, will be the determining factors in how much time you’ll spend.  Time will be required in the pre-season rounding up participants, gathering payments and making sure everyone knows the rules of your pool, regardless of what kind of pool you choose to run. 
A couple things you should also look into before you get started is the legality of office pools in your area.  Different states and provinces have different gaming laws.  We here at NPO don’t pretend to be lawyers, so we suggest you find out what is and isn’t allowed in your home province or state, before you set up your pool.  Most of this information can be found online with a little effort.  Also, if you’re running an inter-office league, you may want to check your company’s policies on fantasy sports and office pools.  Better safe than sorry. 

The hardest part of building a large, successful office pool in any sport, is getting it started.  Make your pool enjoyable for those involved from the start, and you’ll have no problem growing it.  As always, if you have questions, feel free to drop us a line.  We wish you the best in getting your Nascar pool started this season!

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