About Nascar Pools Online

Nascar Pools Online was created prior to the 2007 season, to fill a need for customizable online nascar pool hosting and management. We got our start hosting only 5 pools that first year and we've consistently grown each season, adding more options along the way for both selections and scoring. The site went through a significant re-design in 2009, when we added individual accounts, and allowed for online selections and pick'em type pools. After continued growth and addition, we've updated again for the 2014 season to give pool managers many more options for running their Nascar pools. We continue to strive to meet the needs of any Nascar pool that doesn't fit in the box the large corporate fantasy sports sites try to put them in.

We are a small company based in London, ON, and we host sports office pools for people and businesses from all over Canada and the United States. We pride ourselves on our prompt and courteous customer service, and doing everything we can to make your pool a positive experience for both pool managers and entrants alike.

Nascar Pools Online is for your entertainment only, and is not a gambling website. We do not run any pools for money, nor do we pay out prizes or handle money for your pools. We do however charge a fee for our service, and you can check out our Pricing page to see how much running a pool with us would cost you.

If you ever have a question, or a suggestion don't hesitate to send us a message.

Recent News

  • 2017 - 2018

    We will be clearing all team results except the final standings in preparation for the 2018 season at some point in late December. If you need any statistics beyond the final standings, please pull them prior to that.

  • Top 4 Contenders - Miami

    Just a heads up, the top 4 drivers competing for a title will still earn segment and lap points towards pools. We're not trying to manufacture interest/suspense, so we're not penalizing these successful drivers in your pools.

  • Chicago Penalty

    The penalty to the #24/Chase Elliott team has been applied and your standings should reflect it if you count penalties.

  • Pocono

    Nascar is trying out a different weekend schedule for this race. Qualifying and Race both on Sunday. Will be interesting to see how things turn out early on as a result of minimal time between the two.

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