About Nascar Pools Online

Nascar Pools Online was created prior to the 2007 season, to fill a need for customizable online nascar pool hosting and management. We got our start hosting only 5 pools that first year and we've consistently grown each season, adding more options along the way for both selections and scoring. The site went through a significant re-design in 2009, when we added individual accounts, and allowed for online selections and pick'em type pools. After continued growth and addition, we've updated again for the 2014 season to give pool managers many more options for running their Nascar pools. We continue to strive to meet the needs of any Nascar pool that doesn't fit in the box the large corporate fantasy sports sites try to put them in.

We are a small company (Ocean State Web LLC) based in Providence, RI. We pride ourselves on our prompt and courteous customer service, and doing everything we can to make your pool a positive experience for both pool managers and entrants alike.

Nascar Pools Online is for your entertainment only, and is not a gambling website. We do not run any pools for money, nor do we pay out prizes or handle money for your pools. We do however charge a fee for our service, and you can check out our Pricing page to see how much running a pool with us would cost you.

If you ever have a question, or a suggestion don't hesitate to send us a message.


You guys are the best, I will keep this pool as long as you have it, Thank You

Todd Leone Pal-Mac Racing

Thanks! I really appreciate your help! Everyone loves using your website and it's been an absolute time saver for me!!!

Dan Taylor Front Stretch Radio

I had a very positive experience with your website this year and I look forward to doing the pool with you guys next year as well.

Shane Gaudette Soo Nascar

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    The 2023 season is just over a month away and pools are registering quickly.  Pools that use our NPO default groups, we’ve put them together with the information we currently have for the 2023 Nascar season. Our default groups format stays the same, as we have kept both Drivers and Cars/Teams at 7 groups to try and stick with only Charter […]

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Site News

  • It's time for Fantasy Nascar season 2023!

    Using our customized and easy-to-use solution for managing your office, friendly, or family pool, you can create your own setup with several parameters. In case you'd like a more straightforward setup, you can use the NPO defaults for driver salary, default groups for drivers and cars, which are the NPO salary and NPO groups.

  • Final 4 Stage Points

    Reminder that the final 4 drivers do earn stage points for your pools. They are included in the race results. The only thing they don't count towards is crowning the series champion.

  • Chase Resets

    You can see your reset values by clicking the button on the standings page (if you have a chase reset). We can't adjust the standings until the next race, as some pools require the current race 26 standings to manually set their chase reset.