Nascar Pools Online Pricing

3 Race Free Trial on All Pools

You can try our service for 3 races with no obligation. Payments are due after the third race of your season.

Our pricing is a tiered, per-team model, so you pay the base price for the pool, then each additional team beyond the first 20 are an additional fee.
Below is the entire fee structure. All prices listed in Canadian dollars.

  • Tier 1: 26-50 Teams
  • Tier 2: 50-100 Teams
  • Tier 3: 101-250 Teams
  • Tier 4: 250+ Teams
Pick For Season
(Manager Picks)
$301st 20 teams
  • Tier 1 $1.10/team
  • Tier 2 $1.00/team
  • Tier 3 $0.90/team
  • Tier 4 $0.80/team
Pick For Season
$351st 20 teams
  • Tier 1 $1.20/team
  • Tier 2 $1.10/team
  • Tier 3 $1.00/team
  • Tier 4 $0.85/team
Pick Each Race
(1 or 2 Drivers)
$351st 20 teams
  • Tier 1 $1.30/team
  • Tier 2 $1.20/team
  • Tier 3 $1.10/team
  • Tier 4 $0.95/team
Pick Each Race
(3 or more Drivers)
$401st 20 teams
  • Tier 1 $1.50/team
  • Tier 2 $1.35/team
  • Tier 3 $1.20/team
  • Tier 4 $1.00/team

Compare our prices with similar sites, and you'll find we can't be beat. Most of our competitors are over $2/entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Online and Offline Season Pick pools?

In an Offline Season Pick pool, the Pool Managers submit all entries and process all trades, whereas in the Online version, entrants can manage their own entries.

Why do the different pool types have different base prices now?

We've updated our pricing model to more accurately reflect the resources the site uses for hosting and updating the different types of pools. It is the first pricing update we've had in 5 seasons, and it should result in very minor changes for most pools. We've also completely removed ads from the main site (there will still be some on our free Pitstall content).

What happened to the returning pool discount?

We appreciate all of our returning pools, but we didn't have a way to automatically track it, since a number of them have different Pool Managers from year to year. We will still be offering discounts for various promotions. Follow us on Social Media or subscribe to our Newsletter to find out more.

How much does it cost to create my own groups/salaries on the site?

Nothing. It's included in the price of your pool. It's a feature we've wanted to add for a long time, and are happy to roll it out to move more pools from Offline to Online picks, and hopefully make Pool Manager's lives a little easier.

Can I pay for my pool up front?

You can only pay for your pool once it has been locked/closed, and no more entries will be allowed. Payment isn't required until after the 3rd race, but you can pay any time after closing your pool.

My pool has 2 parts: a regular season and a Chase. Will it have to be 2 separate pools?

If there won't be any extra entries added and the format doesn't change, your Chase reset can likely be handled with our updated scoring system, so it's all one pool. If you do plan to allow additional entrants for the Chase segment, you will have to create separate pools, which would have to be paid for as two pools. If you do it this way, we will give you a deep discount on the 2nd pool.

What payment methods do you accept?

We handle payments through PayPal, which allows you to pay from your PayPal balance, or your Credit/Debit card. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay via Credit Card on their payment gateway. There is an alternative, if you are in Canada, with Interac e-Transfer (formerly Email Money Transfer).

I submitted a coupon code when I registered, why wasn't the discount applied to my fee?

Each coupon code has an expiry date and is only good for that time period. If you close your pool and attempt to pay after the expiry date, no discount will be applied.