What can Nascar Pools Online do?


We have 4 basic scoring methods, which you can completely customize with a wide array of bonuses, including Chase resets.

Season Pick Pools

Traditional Box or Salary Cap Nascar pools, with selections made at the start of the season. In-season trades are available.

Weekly Pick Pools

Pick'em style Nascar pools, with selections made for each race. We now have a handful of options to limit driver selections.

Custom Groups

Create your own custom groupings for your Season or Weekly pick Nascar pool. You can also use the default groups we create.


Check how many teams selected the same picks as you, how your team has scored on a weekly basis, and track your rises and falls.


Full site updates are run within 24 hours (usually within an hour of race completion). Managers can run pool updates as well.


Each pool has a dedicated message board and area for manager's notes. Managers can now send emails to all pool entrants.

Manage Entries

Manage individual entries, from tracking payments, editing and deleting entries, to making picks and trades for your entrants.


Nascar Pools Online has been built to be responsive and work on tablets and mobile phones. The layout will be modified on smaller devices.

Recent News

  • Chicago Penalty

    The penalty to the #24/Chase Elliott team has been applied and your standings should reflect it if you count penalties.

  • Pocono

    Nascar is trying out a different weekend schedule for this race. Qualifying and Race both on Sunday. Will be interesting to see how things turn out early on as a result of minimal time between the two.

  • Standings

    A handful of pools are having their overall standings set to whatever they were after race one. We've identified the pools involved and are looking for the commonality between them. We will hopefully have this resolved tonight.

  • Standings Fixed

    The standings for that handful of leagues have now been fixed and should continue to be correct after overnight updates.

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