Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I lost my password, can you tell me what it is?

    All passwords are one-way encrypted, so we have no way of retrieving your current password. We can however create and email you a new one to the email address on file. You can then log in and change it to something memorable. Go to the Reset Password page to do so.

  2. I can't login with the Pool ID and password that was emailed to me, what's wrong?

    This information that was sent to you, was to allow you to join an existing Nascar pool. You have to create your own personal account on the website, and then use the pool info to join the pool. You only have to put in this combo one time and it is remembered for the entire season.

  3. Where can I find the Pool Id and Password I used for others to join my pool?

    Under the Entries tab, there is a Pool Settings option. There you will find this as well as other information about your Nascar Pool.

  4. I'm logged into the site and I don't see my pool or the picks page. What happened?

    It's a good possibility you've registered more than one account and are on an account that doesn't have a current entry.

  5. I registered on the site (or requested a new password, etc), but did not receive an email?

    The first thing you should do is check your account and make sure your email address is correct. These messages are auto-generated by the website and some ISP's may flag it as junk or spam mail, and will filter it out, so be sure to check your junk mail folder. Others may flat out reject it. If you have the ability to whitelist or add an address to your safe senders list, add [email protected].

  6. What stats do you keep track of for scoring?

    We currently keep track of who entered a race, qualifying positions, race finish, leps led and any Nascar mandated penalties for both the team/car and driver.

  7. We use Nascar Standard scoring. Why are the points in my pool different than what's on

    A number of reasons can explain the difference. Every driver that races earns points on NPO whether they're running for the Cup championship or not. We do not count the bonus points for the Daytona Duels. We only count points earned on the track - not the arbitrary 'Chase' points drivers get added to artificially separate their standings.

  8. Do penalties count for the week scoring or season scoring?

    As all penalties are associated with a specific race, they affect both your weekly and your season totals.

  9. Can your system accommodate an advancement model playoff like the current Nascar Chase?

    Unfortunately, no. We only offer a single 10 race Chase separation.

  10. Can I still set up my pool after the season has started?

    Pools can be added at anytime during the season, and we can update it from the first race. You also have the option to run pools of different lengths. When you create your pool you will be able to select the races it will begin and end at.

  11. My pool is now full, how do I pay Nascar Pools Online?

    Once you have all of your entries in, use the 'Lock/Close Pool' option in the Manage menu. It will prevent any new entries, so make sure you have them all in prior to doing so. The payment link will then show up in the Manage menu.

  12. I'm looking to join a Nascar pool, can you hook me up with one?

    Our pool manager's that have been with us in previous seasons have the option to be on the 'Open Pools' list. If you're interested, log in and check out the list, and request information about any of the ones that interest you.

Most Popular Questions

Here at Nascar Pools Online HQ, we get a good number of questions each season, mainly in the month leading up to, and the month after the first race. Hopefully, posting these answers to the questions we get most often, will free us up to continue improving our service!

We will continue to monitor the questions we receive and add to this list as necessary.