Using Nascar Pools Online – Scoring

Prior to the site update we completed this off-season, we were up to around 20 different scoring methods, which were basically all variations of 3 or 4 base methods with different options separating them.  We’ve overhauled the scoring system this year, so that you select a base method, and then choose the bonus and Chase options.  This should make things much easier for us to maintain than trying to keep up with 20 different options.

Base Scoring Options

1. Nascar Standardnascarscoring

Uses the Nascar Championship points scoring system.  We use the racing portion of this system – not the arbitrary Chase points.  We also include all drivers and treat all drivers the same for every race, whether they’re running for the Championship or not.

2. Top #

The drivers that finish in the top spots (the number of spots is specified by you) earn points.  If you choose to award points to the top 10, the winner of the race earns 10 points, 2nd place earns 9 points and so on, down to the 10th place finisher, which earns 1 point.

3. Finish

Your points for the race include the finishing position of the car/driver.  If your car/driver finishes 1st, you get one point, and if they finish 30th, 30 points, etc.   You have to set a penalty for any driver that doesn’t participate in the race.  Most pools use 45 or 50 points.  Remember to set any bonuses to negative numbers if you use this method.  Lowest score wins.

4. Nascar Pools Online

Points are awarded on a sliding scale to the top 20 finishers of a race, beginning with 60 points for a win down to 1 point for 20th.  This method puts a premium on winning races, and is prone to some big swings in the standings.

5. Old Standard

Uses the Nascar Championship points scoring system from the 2016 season, which includes the laps led bonuses as well as the 3 extra points for winning the race.

Additional Scoring Options

1. Pole Bonus

Award bonus points to the winner of the pole (and the outside of the front row if you wish).  The number of points to award will likely depend on which base method you use, with the NPO method using the largest, and Top # the fewest.

2. Most Laps Led Bonus

Award bonus points to the driver/car that leads the most laps for the race.  Nascar Standard already incorporates this, so you won’t need to include it if you use that.

3. Winning Bonus

If you follow the “If you’re not first, you’re last” line of thinking, award bonus points to the race winner, to make them that much more valuable.  This bonus is already included in Nascar Standard and NPO methods.

4. Segment Bonus

With the segments the series added in 2017, we’ve set up the ability to award points to the winner of each in-race segment as well.

5. Penalties

If you use the Nascar Standard or Old Standard scoring methods, you can apply Nascar mandated points penalties to your pool scoring.

Chase Reset Options

1. None

Just keep rolling along like the good old days, prior to The Chase’s existence.

2. Reset to 0

Reset every entry back to zero and have everyone fight it out for The Chase title.

3. Top 12/Reset Rest

The top 12 after the ‘regular season’ are all set to a number that guarantees the ‘rest’ can’t catch them and they fight it out for the title.  Most pools that do this have a prize for those that didn’t make The Chase, so they all start off on equal ground.

4. Top 12/Leave Rest

Similar to the last one, but the ‘rest’ just keep their points from where they were after race 26.

5. Manager Reset

If none of the above work for you, manually reset your points to begin The Chase.

Chase Bonuses

1. Season Position

Teams that make the chase are awarded points according to where they ended up so the top finishers get a bit of a head start over the lower finishers.

2. Driver/Car Wins

Entries get a bonus for each win their driver or car earned through the first 26 races.

3. Entry Wins

Entries get a bonus for each win they earned over the rest of the pool through the first 26 races.

So there you have it, a multitude of options for scoring your Nascar pool this season.  We do have plans in the works for you to set up double points races, but it’s not completed yet.  If you have any questions, or there’s an option you would like to see added, send us a message!

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