Nascar Pools Online Help Posts

Using Nascar Pools Online – Scoring

Prior to the site update we completed this off-season, we were up to around 20 different scoring methods, which were basically all variations of 3 or 4 base methods with different options separating them.  We’ve overhauled the scoring system this year, so that you select a base method, and then choose the bonus and Chase […]

Using Nascar Pools Online – Pool and Pick Types

We get several emails from people over the course of the pre-season asking what Nascar Pools Online offers and if we can support the setup of their Nascar pools.  Here’s a general outline of what we currently offer: Pool Types 1. Season Long – Online Every entry selects their team of drivers or cars, and […]

Grow Your Nascar Pool

This is the third part of the Nascar Pool Help series.   Part 1   Part 2 Now that you’ve decided the set-up and scoring method your pool will use, your next task is formalizing some rules, and inviting people to participate in your pool.  This is probably the first time you’ll need to put something on paper (or the internet). You’ll want to describe […]

Setting up my Nascar Pool Details

This is the second part of the Nascar Pool Help series.   Part 1 Once you’ve decided to start your own fantasy Nascar pool, you’ll need to decide what type of pool to run.    The are plenty of options, and your choice may depend on the number and type of participants in your pool.  Are you aiming for only the most hardcore […]

Start a Nascar Pool

This is the first part of the Nascar Pool Help series. The first step in getting a fantasy Nascar league up and running, is deciding you want to manage one.  Office pools for any sport can be a lot of fun, if promoted and managed properly, and we want to help you make your Nascar […]