Nascar Pools Online Help Posts

2018 Fantasy Nascar Driver Salaries

The 2018 Daytona 500 will kick off the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season in just over a month, and we’re now open for pool registrations.  For those of you that use the salary cap style of pool, here are our 2018 default salaries.  These default salaries are ideally suited for NASCAR pools of 7 or […]

Using Nascar Pools Online – Pool Setup

Quite a bit has changed on Nascar Pools Online for this coming season, as we’ve added more customization options so the pool creation is a little more involved than in previous seasons.  We’ve put together some quick step by step instructions to help you get started setting up your fantasy Nascar pool on the site. […]

2014 NPO Default Driver Salaries

The season is just over a month away, and with most of the work done on the site upgrade, it’s almost time to open the site for 2014 registrations.  Although we’ve allowed people to set their own salary scale, we’ve set up a default option for pool managers to use.  All ‘Salary’ based pools still […]

2014 NPO Default Groups

The 2014 season is quickly creeping up on us, and we’ve put together our default groups for the upcoming season. We’ve changed things up a bit this year, as we’ve dropped a group from both Drivers and Cars/Teams to try and get away from some of the part-timers and the start and parkers.  All of […]

Using Nascar Pools Online – Scoring

Prior to the site update we completed this off-season, we were up to around 20 different scoring methods, which were basically all variations of 3 or 4 base methods with different options separating them.  We’ve overhauled the scoring system this year, so that you select a base method, and then choose the bonus and Chase […]